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Assist 247 Roadside was founded in 2009 with the aim of improving the image (value, trust and efficacy) of the towing industry. Our primary objective being to deliver a superior towing and roadside assistance service to our clients.

Assist 247 Roadside has identified a “gap” in the towing industry with regards to the trustworthiness, rates and overall bad service currently in the industry. It is a much needed service that is used on a daily basis by the public and business sector, but is often exploited by corrupt and untrustworthy tow operators.

With Assist 247 Roadside one can be assured of prompt assistance at the best rate possible making it a safe and pleasant experience to do business with us.

For your convenience we are available

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Flat Battery

A call out to jump start and/or re-charge a vehicle’s battery.

Flat Tyre

A call out to assist in changing a tyre for the client (this will only apply if the client has a spare tyre to replace the other). Should the client not have a spare tyre, the vehicle will then be towed as a trade tow to the nearest tyre dealer.

Out of Fuel

A call out to supply a client with fuel (up to a maximum of ten litres) to enable the client to get to a filling station. NB, the cost of the fuel will be born by the client.

“Best roadside assistance service out there”

It was a real incredible experience for me. The quality of service I got was awesome. I wish more service providers can be this friendly and helpful. Thanks for assisting me professionally.
Sandra Lubbe

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The best way to experience our services is to contact us for roadside assistance. We will gladly assist you.

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